During your FREE visit to LCF we will evaluate your fitness goals, your timing expectations for results, and your training session / assessment results to estimate the number of sessions that will enable you to reach your goals within a realistic time frame.

Pricing is a function of number of sessions you require plus application of eligible discounts (e.g., promotions, referral, renewal offers, etc.).  We guarantee you won't find a better personal training value in the area!  We will meet or beat any legitimate competitor proposal that offers a comparable program with same quality facilities, private training suites, certified trainers, and variety of equipment.

To maximize results and achieve client fitness goals LCF recommends vigorous workouts (focused on upper body, lower body, and core) at least 3 times but no more than 4 times per week with proper nutrition, water, sleep, and cardio (cardio on non-workout days).

Any exercise program that produces meaningful physical / health results will stimulate muscular, cardiopulmonary, and metabolic adaptations in your body and also provide for sufficient rest, proper nutrients, and hydration to enable muscles to rebuild and burn fat.

Getting results requires clients to have clear goals and commitment to achieving them in a realistic timeframe at the outset.  Typical client goals include:

  • Lose weight (lbs.)
  • Reduce body fat (%)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower metabolic age (yrs)
  • Tone up / reshape / improve body image
  • Control / eliminate diabetes
  • Build strength
  • Increase stamina / energy

Once your fitness goals and timing expectations are understood, and your free fitness assessment results are compiled, LCF will recommend a tailored package that includes a number of sessions/visits per week over a defined time period to meet your specific fitness goals.

All packages include at no extra charge:

  • use of cardio machines (before / after workout)
  • 60 minute workout designed to achieve your goals
  • totally private training suites with audio/video (listen to what you like)
  • nutrition guidance / discussions
  • frequent progress measurement for accountability
  • complimentary water and fresh towels
  • complimentary protein shake before or after workout
  • access to our exercise / nutrition website library
  • use of shower and lounge area


Package duration is the expected time for you to reach your desired fitness goals (e.g., lose 40lbs, lower body fat by 50%, decrease metabolic age 20 yrs, improve body definition, etc.).  Your results will be proportional to your motivation, commitment, and your fitness assessment start point.

Session rates are graduated - our highest rate is applicable to 12 visits or less and our lowest rate applys to 100 or more visits purchased.  We also have special offers for client renewals and for clients with a long-term history of working with us and providing referrals!

New clients that mention our promotion receive $75 to $200 off depending on package!

Workout together regularly with a friend in one suite with one trainer for session credits!

Multiple package discounts are available when purchased at same time!  Bring friends or family members with you and purchase 2 packages or more to get lowest rates!

Referral bonuses are available to existing clients when a referred potential client purchases a package (e.g., receive free sessions, nutritional products, workout gloves, and more)!
Fitness Packages / Pricing
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