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Not all fitness programs are suitable for everyone . Its always prudent to consult your physician or health care provider before beginning any exercise or nutrition program. Use of the programs, advice, and information contained in this website is at the sole choice and risk of the reader.  All material in this website is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.  Information contained in this website should not be used to diagnose or treat any illness, metabolic disorder, disease or health issue.
Life Change Fitness certified personal trainers work with you one-on-one to help you achieve specific fitness goals (e.g., lose weight, reduce % body fat, gain muscle, increase stamina, etc.) in the shortest, most realistic timeframe based on your unique physical capabilities and limitations.

Our tools include a fitness progress roadmap, targeted exercise, nutritional guidance, and private training suites that allow us to configure the right workouts for you - you won't get bored!                                                             
Rest assured that our trainers are certified by credible and recognized personal fitness accreditation firms such as ISSA, NPTI, and others. 

Our trainers are mature, friendly, and experienced so they can have the needed dialogue with you to keep you motivated and accountable to your goals!

For new clients we develop a fitness progress roadmap to help you track results.  It summarizes baseline body compostion measures, your goals, and # of workouts per week over a defined time frame.

To help you keep yourself accountable we provide a library of nutrition / fitness resources (e.g., journal/calorie counters, meal planners, nutrition / fitness articles so you can find what works for you.

We capture your body measures using state of the art equipment so we can discuss / set realistic expectations for results / timing.  Naturally, you should consult a physician before starting any fitness program.

We update or discuss select fitness measures / nutrition progress frequently. These updates assure your accountability and enable our trainers to create workouts each visit that directly impact your goals.

Since every person is unique, routine measurement, dialogue, and motivation improves probability that you will achieve your fitness goals. 

We know that behavior and program adherence are key success factors or failure points.  To motivate you we have created a totally private and fully equipped training environment.

Our private training suites raise the bar for comfort and flexibility - enabling virtually unlimited workout options so you won't get bored!

Finally, our certified trainers know how to coach, motivate, and have fun while creating a training experience that helps build your confidence to sustain what you learn on your own.

Our name describes our mission – helping you make a life change that integrates fitness and nutrition into your lifestyle to reach your goals in the most realistic time frame.  Please contact us!
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